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i just want bo and tamsin to get it on. lauren is way beyond boring. im not sure if people only force themselves to like lauren because DOCCUBUS but i just cant stand her. also dyson is a massive a-hole and needs to back off

No, I am done. I’ve ignored, I’ve tried to be nice and this just pisses me off.

Lauren is my favourite character and you want to know why? Because she put up with bullshit for five years, because she loved so much and so hard, because she survive five years of the fae treating her like she was a slave and she lived without friends, without help and she pushed on. 

She did everything to save Nadia and then she fell in love again and it hurt, and fuck it hurt and she tried not initiate, tried not to push further than required and then she had to and it hurt. 

She is strong and intelligent and she went to freaking Afghanistan and she survived all that, she survived her parents and the fear that she wasn’t good enough, and yes, she screws up and she screws up a lot, and it sucks. She doesn’t trust her emotions and she will take facts before feelings and she mumbles and rambles and panics and acts without thinking but she’s trying. She’s trying to be a better person.

And she hurts. She hurts everyday because she’s not good enough. Because when she screws up she’s scum of the earth but when someone like Kenzi or Dyson does, they have two weeks of scorn then they’re back in the good books again. 

She’s not smart enough to figure out Nadia’s condition, she’s not strong enough to make Bo better, she’s not happy enough, strong enough, and every day she’s reminded of this over and over again but she keeps on trying.

And this doesn’t cover even the surface of Lauren.

THAT is why I like Lauren and I want you to stop dissing her because she is the reason I’m here, the reason keep trying because if she can so can I. I know how much it hurts to not have friends, to be isolated and alone and never good enough, and it makes you want to die ever day and the fact that she keeps trying is painfully obvious that she’s stronger than anyone else.

So shut up about her being boring, shut up about it, Just keep that opinion to yourself because we don’t give a flying fuck that you think she’s boring. But she is so much more and if you can’t see that, that’s your problem.

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